My First Bluetooth 3D Printed Headphone Prototype

I’ve been gradually working on a bluetooth version of my 3D printed headphone design. This first iteration is pretty much just an experiment in integrating all the elements required for bluetooth (battery, battery charging system, wiring through the headband, bluetooth receiver etc) rather than a polished design. It still needs plenty of tweaking.

It uses the following components:

The controls are on/off switch and volume up/down. I’m planning on putting next/prev track in future versions.

Here are some pics:

3D Printed Bluetooth Headphones
3D Printed Bluetooth Headphones – battery side
3D Printed Bluetooth Headphones – bluetooth receiver side

I’m currently working on a version that uses a CSR8645 module mounted onto a homemade breakout board…

2 thoughts on “My First Bluetooth 3D Printed Headphone Prototype

  1. Michael Fuselier says:

    I am interested in some bluetooth over the ear headphones that would have noise canceling, but be good for outdoor sweating like riding a noisy lawnmower or tractor. They should have decent sound (not a priority because of the loud noises they will be drowning out, hoping the noisecancelign would help with that), but mainly hold a good charge, and be loud enough to comfortable wearing in a hot environment. They should be able to withstand the sweat and be easy to take off and on for wiping the sweat off the ear pieces frequently as happens with working out in 80+ 95% humidity of Southwest Louisiana.

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