Headphones CAD Files

Our headphone design was created in Autodesk Fusion 360, which is free to use for hobyists and can be downloaded here. If you have Fusion 360, the files are linked below.

Feel free to adapt or modify our design as you want. If you do, we would love to hear from you, so drop us an email with how you have changed it.

Audio Side Cover and Baffle

This side contains the Bluetooth module, microphone, volume buttons, play/pause button and track forward and back buttons. Access the CAD files here

Audio side CAD files

Power Side Cover and Baffle

This side contains the battery, on/off switch, battery charge module (BCM), including USB port and on/off LED. Access the CAD files here

Power side CAD files


The headband geometry was the hardest part to get right – it took about 10 attempts before I got something decent, plus another bunch of attempts at getting the detent mechanism right. It was created in a CAD program for which I no longer have a licence, so the source file cannot be edited in Fusion 360. The ‘dumb solid’ file with a few modifications is here.

Headband CAD files

Base Design

The two sides above were each built off a ‘foundation’ design, which means that changes to its features (eg cushion interface, headband interface etc) will flow through to each side if changed. If you want to keep my bsic baffle and add your own add on features, this will save you a bunch of time. It is also a what I have used for versions with wooden covers. The CAD files can be accessed here

Foundation design

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