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A pair of homebrew headphones and some tools

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Build Your Own Headphones

Welcome to Homebrew Headphones, an open source, awesome sounding 3D printed headphone design. It can be made wired or bluetooth and all CAD design files are public, so the design can easily be adapted and customised.

Building our design doesn’t require any knowledge of electronics and the only tools you need are a 3D printer, a soldering iron and a few basic tools. All the parts can be sourced from eBay, Amazon etc for around US$50.


A pair of Homebrew headphones showing its features
Headphone parts laid out

Access Our CAD Design Files

Our designs were done in Fusion360 (with the exception of the headband) and are available for you to download and edit.

View CAD the models of our Bluetooth design here:

Headphone CAD - audio side

Bluetooth Module Side

Headphone CAD - battery side

Battery Side

Headphone Headband CAD


See the CAD model page for further info.

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