Always seeking to push the boundaries on how the Homebrew Headphones design can be adapted in new ways, we recently made our first pair with wooden covers.


These are a perfect example of how easily the design can be adapted – the wooden covers are pretty much the same as the 3D printed ones and the baffles just have a few bits of their structure deleted to accomodate the wooden covers.


3D Printed, Wood and Leather Bluetooth Headphones


The covers are the same design, CNC routered from Beech wood.


Beech Wood Headphone Covers


They retain the 3D printed baffles and headband, with a few bits of structure deleted off the baffle to accomodate the wooden covers.


They are bluetooth connected and battery powered:


Power side (bluetooth electronics are on the other side)


The 3D printed headband was covered in leather to complete the luxurious look. The leather was glued on with gel super glue and the inside covered with fabric to hide the joint.


Leather covered headband


Overall I’m pretty happy with this first try!


3D Printed HEadphones With Wooden Covers