Recently I started a side-project business manufacturng and selling premium wooden wireless phone chargers (Ley & Co), so it got me to thinking about wireless charging for bluetooth Homebrew Headphones. At first I didn’t think it would be particularly usefull, but now I’ve built a pair, I can’t live without it!

Rather than charging them when they’re flat (a pain having them go flat) or always plugging in the cable (first world difficulties!), they can just be placed on a charger when not in use. Because the covers are flat, they sit nicely on a flat QI wireless charger.

Headphones on wireless charger

To add wireless charging, you will need the following:

  • Hookup wire as per the headphone build

Wire into the BCM as follows (with the hookup wire routed over the USB port side of the BCM), noting the polarity marked on the BCM. Wire the USB socket in too.

BCM wired to USB port

BCM, USB port and wireless receiver

I recommend using a USB socket, as it’s much easier than trying to splice into these charging modules.

Mount the BCM to the baffle as per the build instructions – there are slots for the wireless charger wires. Plug the charging receiver in to the micro USB socket and place the charger on top of the battery with the side with the transmitter/receiver symbol facing outwards. If it dosn’t work, flip the charger over. There is adequate clearance between the battery and cover and it won’t need gluing in place.

Your life will now be better for having done this! And your headphones will have a feature that Beats, Bose etc don’t. Boom!