Amidst running a business (our brands are Milton Ashby and Ley & Co), I have been slowly working on the next version of the bluetooth 3D printed headphones.

Most notably, the new version has 5 buttons (vol +/-, fwd, back, play/pause):

I have done validation builds of most elements, but not the full build as my 3D printer has been down. You can download the ‘beta version’ files here:

Baffle – Audio side V5c

Baffle – Power side V5c

Cover – Audio side V5c

Cover – Power side V5c

At present it uses the same headband, but I plan to experiment with routing the wiring through the middle of the headband to make it a bit easier to assemble. The headband file can be found here:


I would appreciate any feedback on the design, and will do my best to incorporate suggestions into the final version.

Some new elements that this design incorporates include:
– Provision for a charge indicator light
– Provision for a ‘power on’ LED
– 5 buttons
– Cushion flange modifications to allow easier cushion fitment
– Improved battery charge control module mounting

The very latest version of the Fusion 360 files can be found here (note this is the ‘live’, latest versions, ie my working files, so may incorporate un-validated changes):

Audio side:

Power side:

I love hearing from people who have done the build, so don’t shy, leave a comment or email me.