After posting my wired 3D printed headphone design on Thingverse, a few people commented that a bluetooth version would be awesome. So… I’ve been slowly working on such a design.

The first ones I did weren’t the best, but the proved that it could be done and laid the foundation for this design. This set are absolutely awesome: they sound great, are easy to use and have great battery life. The only downside is that they weren’t the easiest to assemble.

The key ingredients are:

Most of the rest of the parts are the same as my wired design. The bluetooth module is soldered to a breakout board I designed and etched.

They are wired as follows:

Wiring layout for 3d printed bluetooth headphones

The power handling side:

photo of battery and charge control circuitry in the headphbone baffle

The micro USB port has been reloacted to the bottom with a micro USB connector breakout board.

The audio side (note, the bluetooth module is mounted onto the underside of the PCB):

The bluetooth module mounted to the PCB:

The end result:

I’m really happy with the result – they sound absolutely awesome and are great to use.

There will be some tweaks to future versions, in particluar more ‘tuning’ of the volume button, a better way of routing the wires through the headband and hopefully a track forward/back button.

All the info to build this design has been published on Instructables.